New Laptop or Upgrade Existing to SSD?

Hey guys,

what do you think is a better idea, im a masters student, so i dont have plenty of money, im trying to decide if its a better investment to upgrade my laptop to an SSD, or to buy a new laptop.

My initial plan was a new laptop because my Asus is 2 years old, and my experience with tech is at 2 years it dies, however, i thought i may just try and ride it out for another year and a half, hoping it continues to live, and to buy an SSD to get a little performance and startup boost.

The laptop is an asus u35jc: 2.4GHz i3 370M, nvidia g310M (dont game), screen blows tbh (1366x768 with terrible viewing angles), battery life is amazing, which was the main reason i bought it. Current harddrive is a 500gb 5400rpm seagate. I use word, excel, python, eclipse, matlab, photoshop.

The SSD i was considering for an upgrade is:

So, in your opinion, do you think it would be smarter to upgrade the laptop or to just upgrade to an SSD (or neither)? Thanks for any opinion!