My Vision of iOS 7



Your welcome to constructed criticism but this is how I wish iOS's 3 main pillars (plus an app) would look in the next version. Please read below for a better understanding of what I did before commenting. Thanks :)

What changes have I made:

1. Search moved to the home screen for easier access.

2. Lock Screen/Notification Screen are one. Pull up to unlock, Pull down to view.

3. Lock Screen/Notification Screen can have third-party widgets. Widgets are included with apps, you can turn them on/off in settings. (Excuse the NOS joke, it's an inside joke between friends)

4. Misson Control allows access to Settings and Multitask bar. The settings section will alter depending what app you are in. If your in the iTunes app you will get music controllers, if your in Angry Birds you will get settings for that, if your on the home screen you will get the white box like in the image above.

5. Quick Toggles are a duh!

6. Safari unifies the Address bar and Search bar. Kill the blue bars for silver (Black for Private mode).

7. New Apps. iStore is the one and only store for Apps, Music, Movies, Games, Books. iTunes is for playing music. iWatch is for Movies/Shows. iPhoto replaces Photos app. iPlay is like iBooks but for games.

All that plus Jony Ives redoing the UI of every app would make iOS 7 AMAZING!