What it would take to make you play Call of Duty again? (if ever)

For someone who grew up playing the shooters of the early 2000s on PC; Call of Duty was one of my favorites. Back when I got the game around 2004 or so I loved it. The original Call of Duty was at the time immersive and unlike any other World War II shooter in those days. In 2005 I got Call of Duty 2 on my PC even though I could only run the game in low graphics settings; It still looked amazing to me. Call of Duty 2 expanded on all the great aspects of the original. For me the real moment that blew me away (and probably most others) was Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Whether you like it or not it set the standard for most of your run of the mill modern shooters these days. Back in 2008 when I got the game I was blown away by the campaign. I thought the multiplayer was great too. It added an incentive to keep wanting to play just another round so I could level up, or unlock a new gun. In 2009 for Christmas I got Modern Warfare 2 and for some reason I loved the multiplayer in this one. Although I only like it because I spent the most time with it. Modern Warfare 2 is where the series really took off to being the most popular and highest selling game every year. In 2011 I bought World at War and being a World War II nerd I absolutely loved it. In 2012 I got Black Ops and thought it was rather pedestrian. However with fall 2013 approaching, a huge milestone is upon us. The 10 year anniversary of the original Call of Duty. I would be amazed if they made something similar to what 343 Industries did with Halo CE in 2011. Remake the game with better graphics, sell it $40 or whatever. I highly doubt this is going to happen but, for someone who enjoys older games as much as new ones, a re make of Call of Duty would be right up my alley. In the end though I will most likely never buy another Call of Duty. Its the same style of play over and over and it can continue for so long until some one comes and evolves the whole COD esque multiplayer shooter. Some shooter I do enjoy are: the Halo series, Killzone 2, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, Medal of Honor series, and that's about it. Or I should say those are the one I have played. TLDR version: What do you guys think should happen with Call of Duty to make you come back?