Quality of "the little things" in Mac OS X

Is it just me getting grumpier with my age, or is the quality of the little things in OS X going slightly downhill recently? Let me just give you a couple of examples, specifically regarding mission control. This may be totally is a rant.

Mission Control in general is great. It's elegant, the animations are spot on and most importantly, I really find it useful. But at the same time it lacks so many features it hurts. WHY is nearly every key on the keyboard useless when in mission control? Why can't I use the arrow keys to browse between opened screens? Oh wait, yes, I can use ctrl+arrows, but the arrows themselves, they do nothing! Even after ctrl+arrow browsing, ENTER does not confirm the choice, ESCAPE does. Using the number keys to choose a desktop would also be a nice option.

Oh and rearranging the desktops! It's ok to swap desktop 2 and 3, but I can't move desktop 1 anywhere? WHY? Is it some special magical unicorn powered desktop? Fine, but give me some indication. Just being number one doesn't make you special!

And finally, fullscreen applications. Seriously, does nobody at Apple use an external display?! What's up with the jeans view? It's like every time I press "fullscreen" somebody shows me their butt. Only in jeans. And with no back pockets. And it's a very flat butt. Ridiculous!

Don't get me wrong. I still think this is a very good OS and most of it is exceptional. But I really don't remember spotting small frustrating things a couple of versions of OS X ago - especially things that look like the effect of lack of though and can be fixed in a days work. How about you guys?