PS3 Slim's disc drive FUBAR - Time for PS3 Super Slim?

My three year old Playstation 3 Slim's disc drive died on me. I was already experiencing some trouble with blu-ray discs (movies) the last couple of months and this week it stopped reading my discs altogether. I can trick it into recognizing the disc by tilting the console somewhat, but it will not play anything.

I've already tried most of the 'software' tricks, nothing seems to help, but I think it's hardware related anyway.

So any advice before I bite the bullet and buy a new Super Slim tomorrow? The upside is that I really need a bigger hard drive (PS+ and 120 GB = not enough) and one or two new controllers couldn't hurt either. I guess a repair isn't going to be free as well.

(For anyone reading the Polygon forums as well, sorry for the cross post)