Anandtech HTC One Review

Very high praise from Anandtech. It's the first phone ever to receive their "Editors Choice".


The HTC One is an incredibly ambitious phone. I can't think of the last time I've been excited not just because I'm reviewing a triple-A handset, but rather because there are innovative new features inside and ambitious risks taken by the OEM. In the case of the One, there are a number of them — front facing stereo speakers, an all metal unibody construction with unique antenna design, display just short of 5.0-inches, and of course the 4.0 megapixel camera with OIS and comparatively huge 2.0 micron pixels. The result is a phone that's not just exciting because it's something new to review, but because it's different and uniquely better for the right reasons.

I've never given any smartphone an editors choice award before, though I daily regret not giving the One S an award of some kind. For the HTC One I'm giving our Editors Choice Gold award, which is our second highest award. The One is an incredibly awesome device.

Thank you for giving me more of a reason to buy this phone Anandtech. Long live HTC.