The Verge video player inconsistency

Embedded videos throughout the Verge have been behaving very erratically for me lately.

  • Random buffering speeds: at my parents place, where the connection is fairly slow (2mb), videos often buffer indefinitely. At my place where the connection is much better (50mb), roughly 1 in 5 will do the same. On the better connection, buffering speeds are hugely variable. Its gotten so bad lately that I open up the Verge's Youtube channel in another tab while I browse the site.
  • Random play on paused videos; I usually read the articles before watching the videos but every once in a while the paused video will randomly start playing. Its rare, but has started happening with increased frequency lately. It is seemingly not related to any keyboard/mouse events.
  • Ads are very often not appropriate for my region (Ireland). This may be an issue outside of your control.
I'm using Chrome on Windows 7, and occasionally Chromium on Ubuntu (12.04). These errors seem to occur on both platforms. I have AdBlock, but its disabled on The Verge.