Facebook Phone Vs Windows Phone.

The Facebook phone's presentation makes me feel few things:

1. What does it specially do which current phones can't? Does it really need a branding that Facebook built it? Is it really that big, to have a special RSVP based event & needs a phone to demonstrate itself?

2. I would have expected, Facebook to be working on top of pure Stock Android and building their launcher from there. But I was surprised to find out that that the answer is NO!!!! Facebook have built their stuff over Sense. The huge, clunky and Ram inefficient sense. This is a major major fail.

3. Third, the most important point:

Wasn't every single thing that Mark was saying already said in Windows Phone presentations in the past? Yes, it is absolutely true that WP never reached amazing heights which MS and every single Microsoft fan ( Including Me!! ) would have liked, but isn't all of this tight integration is built superbly inside a WP.

WP people hub is the best possible live feed, that is possible from social networks.

WP camera has ability to tag facebook friends directly.

WP Messaging app allows to continue chat over to facebook when friends are online, and allows to use SMS when they are offline.

WP Me tile is capable of allowing you to checkin directly to all your social networks at once.

WP facebook app is capable of streaming photos from your facebook right onto the Lock screen. The people Hub live tile beautifully aggregates all your latest feeds and updates the tile accordingly.

WP has such a tight integration, that it is capable of becoming not just a Facebook Phone, but a Twitter phone, Linked In Phone, Instagram phone if apps are developed for it carefully.

Now this makes me wonder one thing: MS & Nokia are not doing their act right with WP. WP has tons and tons of innovative features, ideas and potential which are either buggy in current implementation or have not been marketed well enough.

I am just waiting for the day, when MS would bring in complete features Parity with Android and iOS, touts of its innovative features, which should put every other thing of its kind to shame..