Microsoft Windows RT price cuts don’t stop the death spiral

As SemiAccurate has been saying for over a year, Windows 8/WART needs many times the hardware that iOS or Android needs to deliver a similar experience. Assuming that Microsoft does not want to deliver, or does not allow their partners to deliver, a device that is painfully slow, stutters, runs out of memory, and crashes a lot, they have a big problem.

To give the user the same experience as even a cheap Android tablet, much less a high end Apple iPad, Microsoft needs to put in significantly more powerful hardware. They need to have a more powerful CPU, more powerful GPU, and vastly more storage. We chronicled this problem last year here, but it is worth a re-read if you don't completely understand the problem because it is absolutely fatal for WART and Windows 8 mobile devices. To do the same job as an Android or iOS tablet, Windows 8 needs to use so much more hardware that it increases the hardware cost to such a degree that the device can not be competitive in the market.


I think that has been obvious ever since we've seen how Windows RT runs on Tegra 3 compared to Android's Jelly Bean and compared to iPad 3 (3x slower to open the same stuff in Anandtech's review).

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