A gripe about the people hub

So I don't really use the people hub much anymore because it always felt uncomfortable to use. I think i finally figured out why that is. Windows Phone's UI is beautiful, but in places like the people hub where you want a lot of information, those big panoramic text titles make viewing cramped. For example:


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And it's more cramped in the what's new pane.


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And it's not like all hubs in Windows Phone do this, look at the settings hub.


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So why not put the big people title at the top left and make it small? The facebook app has about the same space work with but fits in more information.


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Why can't the people hub be more functional? I really wish microsoft would 1) get facebook to develop its own real app (not by Microsoft) and 2) make the people hub so good I don't need. I still can't even like a picture for God's Sake! D.