Facebook Home revamps Android to make it 'function like Windows Phone'

Windows Phone is underrated. We can argue as much as we want about why or how it became underrated, but fans cannot deny this fact. Nevertheless, it has numerous outstanding features that have already been "borrowed" by competitors, and this people-centric idea is one of them. In fact, this concept has been with Windows Phone since its first iteration in 2010, and it continues today in Windows Phone 8:


via i.imgur.com

Many would certainly feel upset that Facebook seems to be taking credit for an idea that has been preconceived in Windows Phone, but in the end it is Microsoft's duty to advertise these features so that the public knows the capabilities of its mobile OS. But as much as I am a pessimist, I believe it's important to learn from mistakes. Microsoft made a mistake by not advertising its features, by not letting consumers know since 2010 "Hey! We built this, and it's capable of amazing things that no other OS has."

So how can we learn from this mistake?

My suggestion to you Windows Phone users is to not be afraid to show your phone off. Show your friends a feature on your phone that may not exist on other platforms yet, or perhaps the implementation on Windows Phone is much more elegant than on other OSes. Take your Lumia 920 or other Windows Phone handset and show off the Lens feature as well as the device's remarkable camera. Or maybe ask your friends to play Gravity Guy 2 with you! Oh no wait, it's only on Windows Phone for now ;)

Show off kid's corner (I turned mine into a Games Corner), show off the built in QR Scanner and built in text translator (the eye button in the Bing app is capable of scanning any text and translating it to numerous languages. It blew all my friends' minds), show off OneNote, show off the Facebook chat integration in the messaging/texting app, show off Rooms (another outstanding feature capable of chatting, sharing pictures and calendar and OneNote files with groups of people), and many others.

Windows Phone isn't perfect, but no one can deny that it is a truly innovative OS. All it needs is a voice behind it. Yes, it's easy to just blame MS and leave it at that, but don't let that stop you from making small difference in your circle of peers. Give this amazing OS a voice and we will not having another moment like Facebook Home.