Sony, look out for HTC

In the US, there were not many OEMs selling their Android phones unlocked. In the past, other than Google themselves, Sony was pretty much the only big Android OEM that is selling their Android phones unlocked, openly. Now, HTC joins the fun with their unlocked One.

Many buzz have generated around the One pre-order. However, Sony is also having a pre-order on their Xperia ZL in the US. That's the ZL, not the water proof Z though. The difference? HTC is selling its 32GB unlocked One for $575. Expensive? Yes, but wait. Sony is selling its 16GB Xperia ZL for $760! Sure, the ZL has penta-band HSDPA and microSD slot, but is it worth the almost $200 extra over the HTC One? $760 seems to be pushing it. The funny thing is, one can import the international version of the ZL for cheaper, albeit without warranty.

It will be an interesting competition.