Folder monitoring for iTunes

I've been asked about this a few times by relatives lately and I thought it might be a good idea to share my tip on the subject since I've seen posts about this on theses forums too.

So how do I setup a folder monitor to automatically add music files to iTunes?

I'm a software developer so naturally I did try with AppleScript, Perl, etc. but forget about that, there's a much simpler solution instead:

a) Open Automator in your Applications folder.

b) Choose the 'Folder Actions' type.

c) Select the folder you want to watch in the drop down list.

d) Drag 'Import Files into iTunes' action in the Workflow.

e) Select the Playlist (or create a new one) where the new songs will be added.

f) Save!

After that, any music file moved or copied to this folder will automatically be added to iTunes.

Of course I'm just scratching the surface here, Automator can do so many thing for iTunes like transcoding, adjusting sound, write metadata, etc. that everyone can fine-tune this Folder Action to his/her liking on the Workflow after that.