What if Sense was a launcher?

I think this is an interesting idea. Facebook have really nailed it by creating Home as a launcher and not a skin/fork/etc.

As much as HTC need this Facebook phone to boost sales (assuming it's popular), I think this could be their way of testing this idea. Of producing a phone with stock Android with a custom launcher on top. I think this is the direction HTC will take with Sense, and it makes sense (no pun intended) for so many reasons:

  • Less time/effort/resources for developing a new phone
  • Much faster software updates for phones as they will be stock underneath
  • More flexibility to add features and improve Sense with monthly updates like Facebook are planning on doing
  • Much less resources needed, less staff, money time etc. They could just have a single app for all their phones.

And what would really be missed? The main Sense experience is the things you see the most - the launcher, lock screen, home screen.

It makes so much sense! (I couldn't help myself) Thoughts?