Sony Xperia ZL or HTC One or Oppo Find 5

This is a great time for the consumer in the mobile industry right now, we have so many good phones to choose from, that is a problem for me. I am going to buy a phone at the end of the month and still haven't made my mind, maybe you know some other things that can help me make my choice.

So the Xperia ZL is a not-so-big phone, and I like the idea of having a 5" display without sacrificing on handling, the viewing angles are the worst of the three but not as bad as Xperia Z. The Xperia Z uses displays from JDI and Sharp as confirmed in XDA forums, but the ZL only uses displays from Sharp which is said to have the best contrast and viewing angles of the two. The phone has a plastic back and the reviews I have read so far say they prefer the handling of this one over the other 5 inchers. (And yeah, I am a Sony fan)

Then there is is the Oppo Find 5, sturdy aluminum construction, better display than the ZL, same processor and RAM, I think they have the same camera sensor as well. The black one is shipping mid April.

And then the HTC One, the best display of the three, best viewing angles, dual front speakers sounds like a good idea, the processor is slightly better. Highly praised on the reviews so far, I like it better on black.

I don't really like the Galaxy S4, the design is not for me and I would like more openness to use custom roms.

Oh and I am in Panama, in central america, not FL. My carrier uses the 1900MHz band for their services and we have HSPA+ aka fake 4G over here and I don't know if the One will work with that.

All of them can be found online for around $570-580, which one would you choose? When do yo think the black One is coming? I should sell for the same price but I don't know.