I see a lot of folks on this forum turning down some really good, feature rich ideas and mockups claiming that they stray too far from a metro environment or make the idea of live tiles useless (ie: the recent folder idea by other poster, and many notification concepts).

There is a huge problem here guys: many of the hardcore WPhoners get so hard over live tiles and their functionality that they are literally limiting the potential of the OS and its overall growth and acceptance. Many features I have seen users mock-up appear to be optional. let me say that again: ootional. You literally could avoid using them should that make you happy.

Maybe its okay for some people to live in a walled-garden, being forced to enjoy the way Microsoft intended it (by the way, their whole pitch is about "you" and "personalization") but if I can only add three types of tiles to my screen, how personal can I really make it?

I suggest that as long as they follow the metro (modern) format, then they should add as many customization options, live tiles, folders, shortcuts, settings, as humanly possible.

Sorry guys, I want my OS to succeed, not just to cater to my specific preferences ( notice all the bullshit we are experiencing just to get an instagram app? Keep limiting our experiences, then keep limiting our apps).

If it makes you so pissy, then why not cry to Microsoft to add a "WP Geniune" mode where it just gives you the purest, and basic experience that WP can offer?