Metro Desktop Apps

So today I was using my aunt's Windows 8 laptop to get some things done for here, and I was installing typical apps I use on my computer and I must say I really love the look of metro apps in the desktop.

My question is why don't all the standard metro apps have an option to run it in desktop mode. They could easily tweak it a bit and metro apps in desktop mode look amazing e.g. Github app is beautiful, and all the other metro'fied desktop apps I was using where all just great. I think if MSFT push more metro apps brought from the market to run on the desktop then no one has any reason to complain, my current workflow is such that I have 3/4 apps running all sort of layered over each other on a 27" monitor and its not easily achievable with metro side of things, but if I could buy metro apps that ran on the desktop side that would be amazing.