Apple pulls AppGratis

While I think it's good that Apple is vigilant about apps / services that might set out to game the app store, such as the last round of apps they pulled that promoted downloading apps in exchanged for in game objects etc this might be a step too far.

AppGratis was just a simple app promotion system where developers could simply put their app on sale and users could be notified about it. Certainly nothing that's outside of Apple's developer guidelines , even Apple themselves do a free app of the week promotion.

As a developer this service was actually a fantastic promotional tool, certainly better than sitting back and hoping Apple would bless you with a new & noteworthy or something.

Was it just that AppGratis was becoming *too* effective ? And if so what sort of message does that send to anyone wanting to innovating in the space of discovery / promotion. It's fine as long as you dont do it very well ?

What do others think ?