One more thing...A gaming console/New Apple TV

Reading the post 2013: the year Apple overtakes Microsoft got me thinking about how Apple could really kill Microsoft this year. To me, Microsofts most exciting product is the Xbox. Everything else seems to be somewhat of a mess with the new windows 8 and windows phone products being experimental and at the moment really lackluster in terms of sales. Office is there backbone and really always has been, I don't see anyone really making a dent there anytime soon. You could argue google has made some traction with drive, but that is still a ways off. Anywho, lets get back to the gaming console...there are three reason why a gaming console would be perfect for Apple.

1. Apple TV: they already have a box, they just need to put a nice graphics chip in there an some other things I wont pretend I know about. But the important thing is, the product is already there and they already have a user interface set up that is connected to the app store. The disc drive is a big question mark here as Apple has really started to move away from it, but in order to avoid large game downloads I think it would be necessary.

2. App Store: Mentioned earlier in point 1, smaller games like you see on the iPhone and iPad could be downloaded directly from the App Store and played on your TV. I don't want to get too crazy here, but I have always thought it would be really cool if I could use my iPhone as controller.

3. Retail Stores: Apple already has retail stores in place, more than Microsoft for that matter, where customers can play and try out the console. If Apple did decide to put in a disc drive, the retail stores could even be used to sell the games themselves.

The one issue with my whole argument here is Xbox live. Xbox live for the most part works great and I love playing Call of Duty online for a minimal annual fee for Gold Membership. I'm sure it would take a lot of work and perhaps a few mergers & acquisitions to get this to work for Apple. However, the one thing Apple wouldn't have a hard time with would be developers jumping onboard. Something Microsoft is having a tough time with in their own App store.

Anyways, that's my highly unlikely prediction for Apple's 2013 announcements.

What do you guys/girls think? Has Apple bought any company's within the last few years that would make this legitimate?