Bioshock Infinite Discussion - Spoilers all around!

Hello there Vergers, I want to talk Bioshock Infinite with you!

There will be spoilers! Lot's of them in all manners! DO NOT READ before finishing the game, as it will both confuse you and ruin what I consider to be the best part of it. Unless you are a masochist, then read away.



As some of you by now, I have finished Bioshock Infinte and am pretty much dying to discuss it.

The game was very satisfying in so many different levels. From the amazingly intricate story, to the overwhelming attention to detail in the creation of one of the most fully fledged universes in gaming, topped off with some very exciting combat, this is already a given in all GOTY lists this year, and has certainly carved a place in gaming history.

But to talk about it is to spoil it, and so, I wanted to make this nice and cozy forum post here for us to discuss it without having to dance around spoilery subjects.

If you just beat it and your nose is starting to bleed, putting all those pieces together, read this Neogaf thread. It explains everything you might have missed and a lot of things you didn't even knew needed explaining!

So, to begin this discussion, I'll just go ahead and throw a few subjects in there, but feel free to bring anything you want to the table!

Let's go then:

Bioshock's "Cameo": The first subject I wanted to point out here was the reference to the first Bioshock, which I considered to be a masterfully done in many ways. They managed to reference the game in a way that was both jarring, significant and at the same time not that significant as to screw up the story.

It made sense as a reasonable way to kill Songbird, and a way to introduce you to the concept of multiple universes that had been implied throughout most of the game. It also did not create any crazy links that tied the stories together ("You where underwater all along!"). It brought us there with a purpose that fitted Infinite's ending, and that was it.

And it was amazing to be brought there. To be transported into another game, that had such a different mood, I was just in awe, as Elizabeth assured me that I would soon understand everything. I eventually did, but boy, did I not believe her.



The Violence: Much had been said about the combat's violence and the fact that this is a shooter just 'cause. While I did love the combat in the game, and thought it made sense given the civil war state the game is in, I also think that it makes it less accessible to a crowd that I want to show this game to.

My girlfriend, for instance, isn't much of a gamer, and don't really believe in gaming's potential to tell stories. And this would be the perfect way to convince her otherwise, specially with such a likable sidekick as Elizabeth.

But when the combat gets rolling, heads start popping, and I know she will be grossed out. And not only that, but the game isn't very easy, specially near the end, and so, I can't imagine her having the patience to learn how to play a shooter and then be good enough to beat this game.

I would love it if in a future update, they introduce a "cinematic" difficulty. One where you can just walk, explore and live the game. But where the combat is shorter and easier, only there as a plot point. It will remain violent, but at least people will have more patience with it.



Booker's age: Going into a more profound analysis of Booker's life, I just wanted to point out something that seemed very weird to me, but might be acceptable.

Going from hints within the game, it is known that Booker was born in 1874, and is about 37-38 when the game takes place in 1912. He gives Anna/Elizabeth up in 1893, after losing his wife and amounting some sort of debt., and since she is a baby then, let's assume that's when she was born.

This makes her 19 in the game, which I guess is fine, but also makes him only 19 when he had her. That is a bit young right? Maybe not that young back then, but then let's consider that he fought in the Battle of the Wounded Knee and did unspeakable thing there. That battle took place in 1890 (at least in the real world it did), which made him only 16 back then!

So, isn't that too young, or am I just spoiled by how long we live these days?



This is it guys, now it is up to you to bring whatever subject to the table, be it your love for the Lutece brothers (enormous in my case), or just how completely crazy the ending of this game was.

Hell, you might even want to explain how you think this game sucked and how wrong we are to like it!

I feel like I might get a nosebleed anytime now!