The story of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 really starts with a different device — the Galaxy Note 10.1. Samsung advertised a power-user's dream device: letting you edit documents or draw with a pen, do more than one thing at a time, and even take handwritten notes like it's 1746 or something. Oh, and be a tablet and do all the things a tablet should. The Galaxy Note 10.1 did all of those things, but didn't do a single one well, which left a previously very excited Nilay Patel very sad indeed.

A few months and a lot of angry feedback go a long way, and Samsung's had a chance to right its wrongs. The Galaxy Note 8.0, which will be available April 11th for $399, is the result of those efforts: an 8-inch tablet that offers all the features of the Note 10.1 and ostensibly none of its issues. It has a faster processor, a newer version of Android, and hopefully the results of six months of tweaking from Samsung's engineers.

So I broke out my reading glasses and my red pen, readied some documents (it's always good to have documents sitting around for such occasions), and set out to see if Samsung's created a tablet for more than just watching Netflix and reading Pocket. Here's how it went.