Code change broke The Verge commenting system on my work machine.

A while ago, could be weeks could be months now, the comments section of The Verge stopped working. It simply doesn't display. Thus, I will not be able to read the comment replies to this post so am merely hoping that someone sees this and can PM me a potential solution that doesn't involve portable apps.

I have a hunch that the developers of this site decided to integrate some latest and greatest HTML5 crap into the code which broke usability for older browsers. I'm a web developer, and normally I'm the first to say screw the user they can upgrade, but in my scenario I work in a locked down network with no options to install new software and am a legitimate case of a user that has no choice to upgrade. When I am at work I am running Firefox 10.0, primarily because I have a huge toolbox of plugins and many only function on this version. My only alternative is the company mandated IE 7 that came stock installed with my laptop. I cannot install any other browsers and cannot update IE, so I'm stuck with my choices unless I choose to break my workflow to update to FF 20.0+ which I refuse to do.

My question for the developers is - why would you break functionality for users, functionality that was perfectly fine before, so long as you ignore the incredible lagginess that multiple tabs of The Verge seems to induce on any of my machines, and what was the benefit gained from adopting this code change and essentially forcing me off of your website?

My question to the community is - have any of you noticed similar functionality problems with the site as of late, and if so, how if at all have you rectified the problem? Have you just stopped frequenting The Verge too, or is there a specific block of browser-checking code I can Greasemonkey out of this shit?

Reminder: I cannot read your replies or even add my own. Oh, and I just noticed that The Verge has no inbox system, so this post is almost pointless. I'm out, fuck this shit.