The Power of Familiarity

I just found it surprising that no matter how much I have come to love a Mac in using an iMac for 4 months, the familiarity of Windows that I have used for 10+ years since I was 7 years old is really hard to ignore. This is despite that fact that, personally, I find Macs superior to Windows machines in everything from daily routine tasks to professional use, of course with the exception of games.

When I have to resort to using my Windows laptop for some reason, I constantly miss many features that are wonderfully integrated into the heart of the Mac. Still, there is just something about Windows that makes me feel kinda "comfortable".

And this led to apply the same sort of thinking to iOS: Android 4.2 and Windows Phone 8 may be more modern in terms of UI, like how I personally find OS X to be superior to Windows in UI and everything, but the thing is, more than 400 millon users have grown familiar to the user interface, and some more iOS is used at every second of every minute. So it only makes sense that Apple has been extremely conservative in changing any part of the UI so as to maintain the comfort that the familiarity of iOS provides.

Ultimately, it is a constant battle between familiarity, sth that makes users comfortable, versus improvement, moving the ball forward, so that users eventually have a better overall experience. That's the challenge iOS 7 faces. I really don't think it's easy as the iOS 7 mock-ups that you guys have been making. ( I definitely appreciate them, no offence)

Just saying, you know:)