After 6 years, I'm finally ditching AT&T for T-Mobile

This is a Public Service Post (PSP). If you can sacrifice the speed (and reception), T-Mobile just got seriously competitive.

I bought an iPhone 3 weeks after it debuted. Over the years, I gotten my entire family iPhones and now have 4 lines. Since then, I have been locked into AT&T. I never wanted to switch carriers because it felt like a hack (No Visual Voice-mail for example). However, since the T-Mobile announcement and firmware upgrades, I decided to crunch the numbers. I think this chart speaks for itself, but here are some examples of why AT&T pricing is a joke:

  • For 4 lines, it costs the same to share 4 or 6 GBs of data.
  • For 5 lines, It's only $5 more expensive to share 10 GB of data over 1 GB of data.