No windows phone announcement in 2013?

This is why Microsoft is behind. I love my HTC 8x but this is why their losing and it will continue to put a damper towards the end of 2013. Tom Warren wrote an article about quad core processors and 1080 p support by the end of 2013 but in what? Not windows phone blue but GDR3 the last service upgrade to WP8. Instead they will release windows phone blue in the beginning of 2014. What the hell. Why cant they wake up and smell the roses. Apple is on a one year schedule. Google is on less than a 1 year schedule, shit even blackberry will be on a one year schedule. But no not microsoft, no new windows phone announcement for 2013. They need to pick up the pace, they finally gained momentum and now they have blackberry biting from behind. They need to move quick and fast not they longer than 1 year BS.