Am i the only one ...

Am i the only one who hates the WXGA resolution on phones ,both 1280x768 and 1280x800? the extra 48/80 pixels are useless, most apps dont scale to use them properly ( etc) and they just make the phone that little bit wider, i for one would be much happier if devices like the Nexus 4 and the Lumia 920 shipped with 1280x720 displays (well in a perfect world they'd be 1080p blah blah blah) because i always wish my nexus 4 was not so wide, its a stupidly minor thing, but i genuinely believe that if the Nexus 4 had a 1280x720 display (and the 920 by proxy) it would be a nicer phone to hold.

Also this might be a stupid me OCD thing, but when you watch YouTube on the Nexus 4 the teeny tiny black bars above and below videos, they'd disappear with a standard 720p screen and that'd also make me happy. (24 pixels above and below the video)

So am i stupid, am i an idiot for wanting WXGA screens to go? andcan anyone tell me an actual tangible reason for using a WXGA panel or a 720p HD one?

*For anyone wondering, i currently Own a Nexus 4, i have used a 920 for an extended period of time, and the device that first started me off hating the WXGA Res, the original Note