Livestream of Paul's Comeback -- technical issues

Hey all, a message from Dieter here. I normally don't do this but I worry that the wrong impression is coming across here. Closing this thread and here's my comment from below:

I'm going to close down this thread. As I commented above and as Dr. Techno quoted Ross, it really was mostly technical issues, with a side of some of Paul's personal information getting shared in the video that needs to be scrubbed. There's no conspiracy here, but the continued conversation in this vein is giving the wrong impression.

Please don't start up another thread on this, it's really not helpful for the community at this point. If you have specific concerns you'd like to discuss, you can email me directly -

Original post follows.


It's been an interesting night.

Tonight's Vergecast/Paulcast was a step in the absolute wrong direction. The responses in the comments section of the post were very negative, especially in contrast to the almost unanimous positivity on other posts. I rely on the Verge for practically all my tech news. They're the best, let's be honest; but this was something else.

As I was writing a follow-up to a comment I made on the post, the entire blogpost was taken offline. I don't know why, but it all seems like something The Verge wants to cover up.

I applaud them covering the post up if they realized that the whole ordeal was a mess and very unprofessional in terms of respecting and supporting values in the workplace. However, I have a feeling they covered the post up simply because of negative response.

So, here's the comment I had composed before the post was taken offline.

They had but a sliver of support to offer in his moral quest, and the entire production was a pretty shallow experience. It's almost hard to relate to anyone on The Verge staff besides Paul, and that's a shame.