Praise be Sony!

I see a problem. A problem that I'm sure many of you see as well. We like to pick up underdogs and then toss them aside for the next underdog. Last year, it was Apple vs. Samsung. This year its Samsung vs. HTC. What's next year? HTC vs. Sony? I suppose there isn't a systematic reason to believe this correlation will is appropriate, but I believe the speculation should be considered. Absolutely, there is a difference in how people feel about Apple and Samsung. Apple is considered the walled garden where inovation goes to die, and Samsung which operates on Android is the horizon. But at some point don't the parameters narrow? As an analogy, think of the Nintendo Wii episode of South Park, without religion the atheists still found enough of a difference to fight amongst each other. I know I'm splitting hairs here, but does anybody think that once Android reins supreme, we will just argue which version of Android is the best?

Where does it end? When are we satisfied and/or complacent? Or is this the very nature of humanity/capitalism?