The next step: should there be a "Smart Live Tile"?

I just came across Google Now after reading an article from Co.DESIGN. Check out .

Now I love my Windows Phone & Windows 8 PC and I love the idea of the Live Tiles, but I have to admit that this is pretty cool. So this got me thinking… Should Live Tiles learn from the user and display certain pieces of information at certain times of the day like this? I mean part of the whole philosophy of Windows Phone and Windows 8 is putting people first and personalizing your experience. In my opinion, nothing says personalized and "me first" than having a smart device that knows what information I want to see and when I want to see it.

For example, in the morning before I get out of bed I always check my phone. I use the same few apps in the same order every day. First I listen to a 5 min news summary as I check email, then I check the weather, twitter, and finally go to to see what's new. Well how cool would it be if my phone just showed me those specific, but more enhanced, Live Tiles from the time my alarm goes off until after I get out of the shower, then goes back to my normal home screen. I'm not sure of the logistics and all, but I was thinking of the following: maybe after 3 or 4 consecutive days of the same series of apps at the same time a screen pops up and says "Hey, we are learning a pattern. We want to make a smart start screen - yes or no?" if I say yes, I can customize (well more like refine because it would be smart) what apps and at what time. And of course, I could always hit the start button (maybe double-tap) and go back to my normal start screen. IDK, this UX is literally something I just came up with while typing this…

Anyway, what do you think? Should the Live Tiles evolve into a more enhanced, Smart Live Tile similar to the cards on Google Now?