I Feel Really Sad about Samsung

Yes, it is this topic again. I know, but can't resist it. I wanted to post this in the Android forum but definitely Android fans will never criticise the S4. Actually, It's quite relevant here as the promo video is undoubtedly a rip-off of Apple's product videos, only completely full of lies to fool gullible consumers.


In this promo video of S4, Samsung desperately tries to evoke emotions out of useless features and plasticky cheap-feeling design.

You know why I feel sad? Because as a South Korean myself, I feel that Samsung, the biggest and mostly widely regarded company in Korea, could have done much better. I even feel like they are cheating the public. Because when the a normal non-tech-savvy consumer sees this video, he or she is going to believe whatever they say. ( I am trying to be a jerk here, it's really true.) And it seems like Samsung is exploiting this lack of knowledge of consumers.

This is in huge contrast with Apple who always focuses on benefiting the user. Faster processor, LTE, better display in a new and slimmer design may sound boring to an average person - but these are the things that you really benefit from. Apple doesn't try to lie. It speaks from its heart.

Haiz... I really feel sad that no matter how bad the S4 is, it will still sell like hotcakes. I feel sad that the biggest competitor to Apple is from my own country and is trying to match Apple by spending all the energy and money on marketing instead of confronting Apple directly by making really great products.