The perfect alarm clock

Hello everybody,

I have been checking out the web for hours now and cannot believe I cannot find an alarm clock with some simple features, which I would have thought many people want.

All that I want is:

  • To be able to set an alarm for weekdays, and an additional one for just Saturday
  • To be able to skip just the next upcoming alarm (e.g., if I have a day off) without having to remember to set it again the next morning - I have found that I NEVER want to turn an alarm off entirely, always just for a limited time
  • Has a dim display so I can check the time at night without being disturbed by bright lights
  • Bonus: Skip alarms automatically on holidays (would have to be adjustable because I do not live in the US and in a state that has more holidays than most others in my country)

That's it. I found one Android app that does it, but I do not quite trust third-party alarm apps, but I would really like just a dedicated alarm clock.

Is there really no alarm clock that can skip repeating alarms just once?!

Does anyone know where I