What i think Apple will do with the Retina iPad mini

The only complain everybody has with the iPad mini is the low resolution display, 1024x768 is just not acceptable for a company that came up with the Retina iPhone, iPad, or even Macbook Pro. But what makes the iPad mini such an awesome device is the thinness and lightweight, and having a retina display will affect battery life if apple decides to keep the battery the same size.

So here's what i think Apple will do : instead of a 2048x1536 [(1024x2) x (768x2)], the Retina iPad mini will have a 1536x1152 display [(1024x1.5) x (768x1.5)]. If Apple made a iPad mini with the "big" iPad's resolution, that will affect battery life but also performance, and a 324ppi display will make consumers think twice about getting the bigger and more expensive iPad, with a 1536x1152 display, the iPad mini will have a 243ppi display, witch is still sharp but doesn't overshadow the iPad retina. And with 1.76 million pixels to push compared to 3.14, the iPad mini won't require an A6X or A7X to get a great performance. An A6 will be just fine. Also the retina iPad mini will probably get similar battery life with just a 5500-6000 mAh battery to keep battery life around 10Hrs, witch won't probably affect thickness or weight by much. And with the same aspect ratio, all apps will work just fine.

So what do you guys think?