Will there ever be a mainstream 4:3 Android tablet?

There have been a couple over the years.

  • Archos G9 (beat the iPad Mini to market by a year, but was junk)
  • Vizio something or other, no Google Play Access
  • Lenovo S2109 (old SoC, discontinued in favor of A2109 with "standard" 16:10 res and Tegra 3 SoC)

I get that Android apps are designed for 16:10, but having used 4:3 Android tabs in the past (aforementioned Lenovo and HP Touchpad CM9) I have not had problems where certain apps wouldn't show up on a Play store search, or behaved erratically on a 4:3 screen. So what's stopping OEMs from putting out new tabs in that form factor? Is it:

  • Risk of a lawsuit from Apple?
  • Not wanting to break from the norm of 1280x800 + whatever the current NVIDIA SoC is
  • General consumer non-interest in Android tablets?
It's very frustrating for me because I use tablets for web browsing, book reading and magazine and academic PDF reading 95% of the time. The widescreen aspect ratio doesn't do me any favors here. There are many good E-reader and PDF reader apps out there these days (Mantano and Adobe Reader are far better now than even last year), but because of the damn aspect ratio, A4-level magazines and PDFs look squished in portrait mode, and far too wide in landscape mode.