iOS7 Will Look Like Windows 8 Modern UI?

I keep hearing that John Ivy and Apple are moving away from literal (skeuomorphic) design elements to a flatter less cluttered design for iOS7. In other words they are going to ditch those life like icons (such as the news stand that looks like wood).

Will it look like Windows 8 Modern UI? (Probably, but with less colors, more grey scale / metallic.)

Here is my prediction: The tech press is going to go nuts over Apple's new "amazing, ground braking" design, as if Apple invented the idea and did it first. Once again they are going to steal Microsoft's thunder. Sad really.

Remember the original iPod? An original, ground breaking design? You think? Well, say hello to the Rio PMP300, which came out a year before the iPod. (Yes, I know, it was technically deficient, but I'm talking design.) The design was totally lifted by Apple.