Removable Batteries?

I want to discuss removable batteries.

My smartphone evolution has been Evo 4g, Galaxy s2, Galaxy note, and now Galaxy Note 2. I have utilized the option of the removable battery by every one of these phones. The ability to be able to use my phone to death for hours on end and then just pop in another battery is something that you cant put a price on.

I never need to be tied down to a wall anymore while my phone charges, which is good because its a MOBILE phone! How often do you see people scrambling for a charger or saying my batteries about to die...

Now, batteries have gotten much, much better since the days of my evo. As anyone who has the galaxy note 2 can attest, the thing is a beast. The 3,100 mAh battery can really last you all day and then some. But that's for a normal user. I watch movies and tv shows for a few hours a day, i read different news articles, I'm on facebook, I listen to music over Bluetooth, the battery can only hold out so long.

So, when i got my note 2, there was a sale on OEM batteries with chargers and I stocked up; I have 6 batteries and 5 chargers. Of course that is way more than I'll ever need. I can literally watch non stop for days with that stockpile, and if there was ever a blackout, i could make it last weeks, no exaggeration. I could have gone the extended battery route but i just hate the idea of having a big heavy phone. The note is huge by itself but the reason why it was a success is because its not bulky and heavy.

So, the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4? Aside from all the specs and software features ans screen size/type etc. If both phones were exactly the same aside from the build quality, I would still have to go with the GS4 hands down. It is too important to me. I don't want to have to keep my phone plugged in, always worrying about the battery life. I want to watch all day, and then switch out the battery and leave to my job at night.

I have heard many people say, including Myriam from Engadget that you get get a portable external battery. There is a whole array to chose from in all shapes and sizes, from 500 mAh to 10,000 mAh. But, of course, the gaping flaw with that is thats its not convienient at all. Carrying around a bulky contraption, (and i say "bulky" because nothing will be as small and as much mAh as the battery that was meant to go inside your phone) with a wire that has to be plugged into your phone? And remember, in my scenario, i just switch out the battery and it goes from zero to one hundred percent instantly. If you have an external battery pack, then you need to keep it plugged into the phone while it completely charges up the phone, which takes a few hours.

Obviously, this is working for Samsung because they are the only ones that are still doing it. Apple never did, HTC stopped a while ago, LG stopped a while ago, and the LUMIAS are all sealed too. I wonder if their focus groups are telling them that many people (and especially business people who all used blackberrys that had removable batteries) want the option.

I wonder how many other feel like me. How many Samsung users utilize the removable battery option and how many will never go to another phone that doesn't have a removable battery?

I'm trying to start a general discussion, but also to take a poll.