Your own medical records: do you want access to them?

So today we covered a big initiative in New York State -- an effort to link all the healthcare providers in the entire region on one database, and open that system up to patients. In other words, you'd (theoretically) be able to see when you last got a tetanus shot, what your latest lab work turned up, etc.

It's an interesting idea, and obviously lots of these "patient portals" exist on small scales. I'm curious, though, about whether there's patient demand for them. Would seeing lab results on a computer screen, without getting an explanation from a doctor, help you or freak you out? If the data was incomplete, would that pose more problems for you than a portal might resolve? Would you even USE a portal like this if it existed? Tell me more!

As a complete hypochondriac (not joking about that), the idea scares me to some extent. I spend enough time Googling my various symptoms; I don't think seeing the intricate details of a blood panel would do me any favors.