Damn Google Music, get it together.

Google Music needs some sort of API for developers to use, or Google needs to sort their own damned app out. The first thing that Google needs to notice: no-one uses Google Music for the app alone. I can't think of a single reason why anyone would choose it over any other alternatives, besides cloud service, which upon reflection was a bad move. Is this not enough to realise that something is wrong? When no-one is actually using your product or service for its primary function?

I just made a switch from PowerAmp, a skin and storing my music locally to Google Music and honestly, the cloud and streaming element is excellent but the app is an atrocity.

Firstly, audio quality and EQ. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile in terms of sound quality as much as a lover of the music itself, and I don't have £100+ headphones, but the difference in quality and the limits on customisations is huge. The app itself, both in terms of functionality and feel is worse still (sorry, images can't fit side by side):




Please bear in mind that this is only about two thirds of PowerAmp's equaliser itself, as there is also the Tone/Vol tab and many more (and better) EQ presets than Google Music. PowerAmp has many different widgets, all of which can be customised individually. It has many more settings, from

The differences are even more apparent on device screens themselves, because of all the clutter in Google Music (yet there are still less features, hmm), yet I can't help but think how good a "cards" themed music player could be (provided the functionality can be included).

You can't edit album art and tags on Google Music, while PowerAmp has a built-in feature to do that automatically, or even allow you to pick your own if you so please. You can't even change the order of the queue without extremely slow scrolling and extreme lag. This is the only (and absolutely only) lag I've experienced on my Nexus 4. Well done Google, *clap, clap*. Allow devs to access our Music or sort it out.