Choosing between HTC One and S4..

These two phones have been the talk of the town in the Android world recently

The reviews at different sites for these phones seem to contradict each other and so, just like any ordinary customer, I chose to go to a store and look at these two phones myself and here's what I thought..

Display - Both were excellent.

You can safely ignore all the talk about saturated colors on S4 and higher ppi on HTC One.. doesn't really matter

Build quality, look and feel- HTC One wins hands down

I don't care much about plastic phones but S4 is not even as good as S3 here. (I have a Galaxy S3)

Camera - HTC One. YMMV

I choose HTC One here coz I just use photos from my phone to send via whatsapp or twitter. So I prefer the low light capability of HTC One over high res photos in good light of S4. In general, if you don't take prints of pics from your phone, HTC One is the way to go.

Software - HTC One

Touchwiz sucks and takes a lot of space on your phone. (I hate touchwiz on my S3).

Configurability - S4

Removable battery, and also easily repairable. (I assume repairability based on iFixit's teardown and my past experience with Galaxy Nexus.).

Storage - S4

Having a micro sd slot is just awesome...

Battery life - ???

Can't really compare this looking at the devices in a store.. :)

What did I buy?

I chose HTC One solely based on build quality and I'm glad I did. I do miss the micro sd card slot on my S3.

btw.. the phone easily lasts a full day for me on a single charge but then I don't travel much for work and I use my phone mostly to listen to music over wifi and browse tech blogs during breaks.. It lasts almost a full day during weekends too.. dies at about 9 pm though..

Bottom line:

Get a Galaxy S4 - if you don't care about plastic, travel a lot and need to switch out batteries, absolutely need the micro sd card slot, need high res pics in good lighting

HTC One - if you care about build quality, don't travel a lot, 32/64GB is gud enuf for you and you use the camera on your cellphone for just IM/twitter.