Call of Duty: Ghosts (My theory)

My theory for Call of Duty: Ghosts...

The rumour is, the game is set in the future, but they are forced to use current day weapons.

My theory is, that a massive attack is made against the United States (and other "western" countries), which knocks out electronics and communications, therefore breaking up the military and making it easier to wipe them out.

Ghost survives after MW2 but goes into rehab/hiding. When the events of Call of Duty: Ghosts happens, he comes back, gathering up surviving soldiers into a vigilante/militia style group named after himself:

The Ghosts

This falls inline with the just released teaser (embedded above), where the voice over describes why people wear masks; to protect themselves, to show who they stand for and to give hope to their followers...

"The Ghosts" will fight the enemy, probably using stealth and guerrilla tactics and be a beacon for other survivors to fight back.

The game's going to be announced the same day as the next xbox,where I will be smug as hell if I am right ;)