May's Reading Schedule: 'Neuromancer'

We've just finished up a journey to an alternate present with The Yiddish Policemen's Union, and now we're heading to the near future (which is probably actually also the present, at this point) with William Gibson's Neuromancer. Neuromancer changed science fiction forever, but it can also be dizzying for precisely the reasons it's influential. We'll start with washed-up hacker Case getting an offer that seems too good to be true from a mysterious employer, but things will soon spiral out of control. Gibson would return to the world of Neuromancer many times, including in some of the stories from his anthology Burning Chrome — which you can read my introduction to over here.

Below is your reading schedule for the month:

May 1st - 7th: Chapters 1 through 6

May 8th - 14th: Chapters 7 through 12

May 15th - 21st: Chapters 13 through 18

May 22nd - 31st: Chapters 19 and onwards