Iphone 5 or HTC One on T-Mobile?

I am looking to get a new phone in a few days and I cannot make up my mind between the One and 5.

It is going to be my daily driver but that for the most part means tons of music/podcasts , over bluetooth, RSS reading, as well as some texting/social networking. I already have a Nexus 4 and will be keeping it but its battery just doesn't do it for me and I often find myself needing to charge it by 3pm if I use it too much.

to mitigate this issue I will of course be getting a battery case for either of the new phones.

iPhone 5


- Small and light even with battery case

- IOS? not sure if a Pro but i haven't had an iPhone since the 3g and I want another taste

- All the apps I usually use have alternatives for IOS so no problems there


- IOS?

- Lack of customization



- Gorgeous screen

- amazing speakers (makes my N4 cry in a corner)

- Amazing design and feel

- Snappy UI and Sense 4 isn't too obtrusive with Apex


- Power button placement is horrendous. My dad just got his and I hate readjusting my had every time to turn it on or off, it also feels very flat

- Another android phone. I've had the g1, Nexus 1, G2, Sensation, and N4 all of which but the N4 I have rooted and I have no intention of rooting another, its gotten to the point where i would rather not bother with it.

- Battery Case/Height: Cant mophie make cases that don't increase the height of the phone?

Would it be worth it to get a 5? I'm not really concerned with the 5S coming out because if its significantly better than the 5 (which I doubt) i can just switch to it .

I have no problems with IOS as a platform though from an observers perspective it seems a bit more limiting than android on the customization front, I may be wrong.

Also the most important question of all...Black or White?

Thanks for any comments