Surface RT and Pro Sales

So I read this article on the verge

Talking about Surface sales as being 900,000 or so. Which is pretty meh.

What I do like in regards to Microsoft's future in tablets is this. Apple sold 19.5M Ipads and if we gave them a 50/50 split (and I do not have a source for this it is an assumption)between Ipad Mini's and Regular sized Ipads. (That puts it at 9.75M Regular Ipads) That means Microsoft sold roughly 10% of the tablets in its competitive space. Which has not happened since the Ipad has been released as far as I know. Just shows me that Microsoft is the first company to go after Apples bread a butter tablet and announce its presence without having to drop its price.

Now that shows some promise. The IPad has crushed every other product that has tried to compete with it directly. The Surface products while being equally or more expensive have captured 10% share.

( By competitive space I am talking about price and size and I guess technically you would have to take out the Surface Pro sales but enough people have compared the Ipad to the Surface Pro so I am leaving it in. I know there are Android tablets that are 10 inches but they compete on price ie the Nexus 10 is cheaper than the Ipad and Surface RT)

Do you guys think that the numbers bode well for Microsoft or do they need a new strategy to gain traction in the tablet space. Let me know.