Just picked up the ONE, first impressions

I was already committed to getting a ONE when my contract allowed, but I ended up getting it a couple of months early because the gsII I was using was having issues (and frankly I wanted a new toy).

I LOVE the phone so far. Much snappier than the s2 as expected (each software update on the s2 made it slower, with the last 4.1 update causing all kinds of issues for me). The first thing I tested was the data speed, LTE build outs for SPRINT in Los Angeles are pretty decent, better than wimax at any rate, speeds are higher and most importantly, the build outs are not static with no improvements down the line.

The second test was gps reception, INFINITELY better than my gs2. I heard they fixed those issues in the gs3, but it was rare I could use googles navigation because my old phone could never lock a signal.

Screen is beautiful, and the audio from the headphone jack is a nice improvement from the older phone. Happy with the purchase. Have not had time to test out he camera and other aspects of the phone, but that can wait.

Interesting side note. I asked which phone most people were picking up and it seems that the s4 was the most popular, by FAR. Does not sound good for HTC, samsung galaxy lemmings will get it by default because it is all they know. I just hope HTC sells enough to stay healthy, they deserve to with this phone.