Why the new Asha makes a great "backup" to windows phone.

Full disclosure: I'm a happy Lumia User, previously happy Symbian user.

So Nokia yesterday just launched the "mini n9", the Asha 501. Through what I have read about it, I can see that it is a smartphone OS, just currently being used on bottom rung devices. However, lets not kid ourselves, the new Asha on the Asha501 is a smartphone OS, in fact, I can make the argument that it is "smarter" than iOS and Windows Phone. It has 3rd party programs, "fake multitasking" a la iOS or Windows Phone, and even a file manager! (something that iOS and Windows Phone doesn't have).

I would say that, between the Asha 501 and your average $99 android, I'd take the 501. If Windows Phone ends up all blowing up in our pockets, or molest our children, and spectacularly tanks, I can see Nokia moving to Asha "full time"