rMBP 13 UI lags

Hi everybody,

so i just recieved my first mac (ever) a few days ago. I was/am a heavy windows 8 user so far but as no windows OEM can compete with Apples laptop hardware, i decided to go for the Macbook Pro with Retina Display (13").

I really have no complains about the hardware. It is better than i expected. I just love it.
OSX seems cool as well but i do have a lot of annoying lags.

For example:

- Chrome & heave Websites like The Verge, Facebook or Twitter. Scrolling is sluggish and laggy. It is really annoying.
- Changing between Full-Screen-Apps like Komodo Edit and Firefox is laggy (the animation).
- i had huge lags when viewing a fullscreen video

- i increased the resolution to the maximum res available in the settings
- i allready googled the problem and deactivated some stuff in chrome (under chrome/flags or something). Scrolling got a little better but it's still not as smooth as it is on a 2011 MBP or a smaller website.
- Changing between fullscreen apps or changing the window-size is still not smooth.

As this thing costs more than a used car and even laptops with half the power can do everything smooth - i expect this thing to run smooth (my very old Elitebook with HD3000 Graphics managed to run an external monitor with a "like-retina" resolution lag free on windows 8).

So i turn to the Pros from the Apple Core - you. Do you guys know a fix for the lags?

Thanks in advance for any help