Hate to do this but..

I've just sold my HTC one X partly because I could sell it for a good price and partly because I wanted a change. I personally don't consider the upgrade to a HTC One worth the money and likewise with an s4. So am looking at two options

- Nexus 4

- Galaxy s III

What I am looking forward is a good camera and solid battery life. I also really appreciate good hardware and an expansive third party accessories ecosystem. I'm not a big fan of touchwiz however I guess I could get used to it. Worse case scenario I could load a stock android Rom on it.

So my question today is what would you guys recommend? Like my title says I don't like to normally do this but I do want some third opinions and this forum is probably where I can get the best advice. Is the camera on the nexus 4 up to par? Battery life? Keep in mind I live out of the States so the price of the two phones are the same.