Most iOS 7 UI mockups are UGLY just like Windows Phone!

I've had an iPhone since 3GS and after starring at the same OS for 3+ years, I am ready for a change. Not that their is anything wrong with the current version, it just needs to change because many people have tired of the design.

What I don't want is a Windows Phone copy. Windows Phone sucks! It is UGLY. I mean it was fresh and different when we started. Now that the "new car smell" has worn off, I see it for what it really is. Simplistic, dull, boring, counter-intuitive, difficult to navigate. (I owned a Samsung Windows phone for what it's worth.)

I am worried that Apple is listening to the critics and unimaginative marginally talented designers who are only regurgitating Windows Phone's design. I am worried that Apple might ruin iOS.

Don't listen to these people Apple. Make it better. Make iOS different. Make it prettier. DON'T make it like Windows Phone. Please do add live weather on the home screen though...