Disappointed by the 928's lack of color options.

I was honestly kind of excited to have a Lumia flagship on Verizon, but I was pretty let down upon realizing that the most iconic part of Nokia's new design style has been canned for this model.

It really is a shame, because otherwise this device seems pretty appealing. I'm not a fan of AMOLED displays but the phone is much lighter than the 920. And while the depth difference is only half a millimeter, it'll probably feel much thinner due to the tapered design.

To me, at least, the biggest appeal of Windows Phone is the vibrancy. I love the look of the yellow 920 with yellow live tiles. The black 928 just doesn't have that same personality, and the "white" one is outright ugly, on par with the "white" Galaxy Nexus, because it has a completely black front, without any matching accents. It would be a different story if the black border around the glass (Visible here) was white to match the back.