SoC Envy

Was just reading this thread snapdragon 800 vs exynos octa cor and I'm just wondering why would anyone even care. I'm sitting here with a Nexus 4 and a iPad 2 and I cant for the life of me figure out how there just as fast as each other, one has hardware 2 years better. Clearly we should all be worrying about the overall experience and not care which SoC is faster. Even seen my brothers Galaxy S4 and that thing is slow as F***, Samsung decide to put 8GB of S-crap on it to ruin the phone. Compared to the HTC One my dad got you wouldn't believe it was the same SoC (albeit slightly faster on the S4) in both the phones.

On the other hand both apple and MSFT have software that runs perfect on dual core phones. I want OEMs to stop ruining Android with all there crap and keep it optimized and fast, I could care less which SoC is faster in benchmarks. My Nexus 4 is slower in terms of power, but overall is a much smoother experience, its not perfect but it is good enough, for everyone expect a troll.

This is not to say pushing the the SoC to be faster is a bad thing, but I think we should want the OEMs to actual use the power inside the phone to improve the experience, and not add some useless eye scrolling to a phone that no one will ever use just to have a pretty advert.