UPDATE: Bets are on.. what will Nokia announce 14th May in London?

So Nokia officially announced the 928 today for Verizon customers. I was not expecting that as I thought that it was going to be a global release at the 14th May London event.

So that begs the question...

What the hell are Nokia going to announce on the 14th May in London?

The only clues given so far are the following:


Damien Dinning ex-Nokia and the pioneer behind the 808 Pureview has tweeted the following....will we see next gen Pureview? EOS?



Vodafone UK will be stocking the next chapter in the Lumia story.

So we can pretty sure its going to be a new device...

I doubt it will be a 928 variant as will just be an anti climax. So far people reckon it might be Catwalk, Phablet or even the holy grail 42MP Nokia EOS...

Let me know your thoughts what direction Nokia will be taking Lumia and realistically what they can come up with with the current tech and version of Windows Phone 8 or perhaps Windows RT?

Personally I think Nokia may come out two devices...Catwalk and possibly a 4G Lumia WinRT tablet with Snapdragon 800 processor.